AP Computer Science AThis class has very little homework! This year-long class is geared toward students interested in developing the problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that revolve around computer programming. Students need no prior knowledge of programming or computers to be successful in this course; however, they should have successfully completed Geometry as this course is an applied-math class. Students can earn college credits through the Advanced Placement program by taking this course. This class has very little homework.

UW Computer Programming – This year-long class is geared toward students interested in broadening their skills in computer programming. Students must first complete AP Computer Science A or have instructor permission to take this class. Students can earn college credits at the University of Washington by taking this course.

Advanced Multimedia Design – This year-long course is geared toward self-directed learners who would like to further develop their multimedia skills on a more individual basis. Students are given a lot of flexibility in designing their own learning plans, but are expected to keep learning logs and create several products for themselves and clients through new and applied learning.