College Computer Programming II

Length: Full-year
Open to: 10-12 grades
Credit: Occupational Education and University of Washington
Prerequisites: AP Computer Science A or Instructor Approval
Career Pathways: Industry and Technology

Course Description:In UW Computer Programming II, students will learn more complicated programming concepts, including: abstract data types, algorithms, and programming design techniques. Students, who learned Java in Computer Science A, will delve further into the inner workings of Java. Students will create games and complex programs during the duration of the year.

This year, you will spend more time learning about Java on your own. Projects will be longer, harder, and more self directed. You are encouraged to explore Java on your own, create your own projects, and discover Java on your own..

Grading Policy

70% Class Assignments and Exams
25% Self-Directed Programming Projects
5% Leadership

Additional Help

If you or your parents have any questions, feel free to contact me