Videos about CS

Videos about Computer Science in action:

Power to Change the WorldPower to Change the World CSE undergraduates, graduates, alumni and faculty explain why they chose computing as their field.
Pathways in Computer SciencePathways in Computer Science.   Computer scientists and engineers describe the varied applications for their computing knowledge (e.g., research science, neurobotics, fighting forest fires, creating textbook graphics for the blind, rural community connectivity).
Making a Difference in the Developing WorldMaking a Difference in the Developing World.  UW Ph.D. student Yaw Anowka presents his work on information technology for the developing world and calls out the contributions of UW undergraduates and graduate students to his Open Data Kit for East African countries.
A day in the lifeA Day in the Life.  Accompany recent CSE B.S. students on tours of their work in highly collaborative, creative and challenging computing environments.